FAST & FURIOUS 6 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

While we may have enjoyed the Fast & Furious movie franchise (yes, while it is no art film, you have to admit the well executed action sequences leave you at the edge of your seats), the same can’t be said about the soundtracks. Maybe it’s because this writer doesn’t own a car (he doesn’t even have a driving license!), or maybe it’s the simple fact that he is too old for electronic and hip hop tracks.

That said, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a crowd out there who enjoys these genres of music. They are also probably the ones who are familiar with names like Ludacris, Don Omar, MC Jin and Sua. These names don’t ring a bell? How much you’d appreciate this 50 minute soundtrack album depends on how well you take to loud music.

2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa’s “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” gets the mood going with its catchy arrangement. There is a reason why this single reached number six on the UK Singles Chart, and we are sure it isn’t because of nice old ladies voting for the four minute track. Following suit is T. I.’s “Ball” featuring Lil Wayne, which may cause your ear drums to hurt if this genre isn’t your thing.

Ethnic beats can be heard in “Con Locura” performed by Sua featuring Jiggy Drama, which is actually a nice change from the two previous tracks. We are pleased to hear “HK Superstar” by MC Jin featuring Daniel Wu, simply because it’s nice to hear Cantonese being rapped. Elsewhere, more of the same music can be heard in Deluxe’s “Mister Chicken”, The Crystal Method’s “Roll It Up” and the energetic “Here We Go/ Quasar (Hybrid Mix)” by Hard Rock Sofa featuring Swanky Tunes.

“Bandoleros” slows things down a little, before the CD closes with “Rest of My Life” by Ludacris featuring Usher and David Guetta, a radio friendly tune that is agreeable to this writer’s exhausted ears. 


Recommended Track: (12) 
Rest of My Life - Ludacris featuring Usher and David Guetta

Review by John Li


We Own It (2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa)
Ball (T.I. ft. Lil Wayne)
Con Locura (Sua ft. Jiggy Drama)
HK Superstar (Jin ft. Daniel Wu)
Failbait (Deadmau5 ft. Cypress Hill)
Bada Bing (Benny Banks)
Burst!/Bart B More Remix (Peaches)
Mister Chicken (Deluxe)
Roll It Up (The Crystal Method)
Here We Go/Quasar,Hybrid Remix (Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes)
Bandoleros (Don Omar ft. Tego Calderón)
12 Rest Of My Life (Ludacris ft. Usher and David Guetta)



Artistes: Various
Label: Universal
Release Date: May 21, 2013