SPRING BREAKERS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

While spring breaks may not be something we are familiar with, but if the music represented on this 41 minute soundtrack album is anything to go by, we are afraid we are a little too old for such, well, how should we put it, excitement. The supposedly cult classic follows four girls (played by the delicious Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) as they experience spring break with the slimy James Franco. Yes, expect lots and lots of partying on this CD.

Skrillex, who’s known as a dubstep superstar and his ability to create brain warping bass lines, headlines the album with “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, a three minute cue that may scare the hell out of the faint hearted. It captures the mood of what we saw on screen though, and we’d like to think we are hip and trendy enough to appreciate this genre of music. Composer Cliff Martinez’s score cues “Rise and Shine Little Bitch” and “Pretend It’s A Video Game” are the follow ups, and you can sense a little danger in these repetitive cues.

Skrillex returns in “With You, Friends (Long Drive)”, and you know this guy is the epitome of music which may leave older folks with headaches. James Franco raps with Dangeruss in “Hangin’ With Da Dopeboys”, and the Oscar nominated actor shows you a side you’ve probably never seen.

Elsewhere, Skrillex remixes Birdy Nam Nam’s “Goin’ In”, a track that will have clubbers in nightspots bobbing their heads in glee. Things get a little darker in “Smell This Money” and “Park Smoke”, before Gucci Mane raps “Young Niggas” with Waka Flocka Fame.

If you don’t realise by now, this is one album which requires parental advisory, no thanks to its explicit content. You may want to keep this off your kiddie cousins (the scantily clad ladies on the cover should already be a warning).  


Recommended Track: 
(1) Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites– Skrillex

Review by John Li



Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - By Skrillex
Rise And Shine Little B***h - By Cliff Martinez
Pretend It's A Video Game - By Cliff Martinez
With You, Friends (Long Drive) - By Skrillex
Hangin' With Da Dopeboys - By Dangeruss with James Franco
Bikinis & Big Booties Y'all - By Cliff Martinez
Never Gonna Get This P***y - By Cliff Martinez
Goin' In (Skrillex Goin' Down Mix) - By Birdy Nam Nam
F**k This Industry - By Waka Flocka Flame
Smell This Money (Original Mix) - By Skrillex
Park Smoke - By Skrillex
12 Young N****s - By Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame
13 Your Friends Ain't Gonna Leave With You - By Cliff Martinez
14 Ride Home - By Skrillex
15 Big Bank (feat. French Montana) - By Meek Mill, Pill, Torch & Rick Ross
16 Son Of Scary Monsters - By Cliff Martinez
17 Big 'Ol Scardy Pants - By Cliff Martinez
18 Scary Monsters On Strings (Performed by Chris Martinez and Greg Tripi) - By Skrillex
19 Lights - By Ellie Goulding



Artistes: Various
Label: Universal
Release Date: March 19, 2013