ANT-MAN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2015)

Director Peyton Reed’s offering for 2015’s summer blockbuster season proved that big surprises came in little packages. Who would have known that this little known (and little in the physical sense) superhero from Marvel Comics would receive tons of positive reviews and gross over $367 million worldwide to date?

Today, no one likes their superheroes too self righteous and heavy hearted. Enter Ant Man, a movie that is actually fun and affecting at the same time. Composer Christophe Beck (Muppets Most Wanted, Edge of Tomorrow) re teams with Reed (the two worked together on 2000’s delightful cheerleader comedy Bring It On) to bring what he has to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Setting the mood right is the 65 minute album’s first track “Theme from Ant Man”, a spirited composition that catches your attention immediately. Following that, there are several standout tracks: “Ant 247” is dripping with a vintage feel of classic spy movies, “San Francisco, 1987” is emotionally heartfelt, “I’ll Call Him Antony” is stylistically punchy, and “First Mission” fills you with adrenaline rush as if you’re flying in mid air on the back of an ant (fans may spot the themes from Alan Silvestri’s The Avengers and Henry Jackman’s Captain America: Winter Soldier).

The Canadian composer was a replacement for Steven Price. After Edgar Wright departed from the initially troubled project, Beck took on the role of scoring the movie. Like the film, the music is thrilling and enjoyable. There is a bombastic catchy main theme, which works its way into the sweeping score brought to life by grand symphonic orchestrations.

“Scott Surfs on Ants” is one standout cue that you can imagine a orchestra playing in a concert hall, with every player swinging to the rhythm. “Cross Tech Break In” creates an old school suspense, while “Into the Hornet’s Nest” ups the notch for action. “A Center for Ants!” accentuates the big band sound, while “Small Sacrifice” is a soaring piece that plays before “About Damn Time” and “Tales to Astonish!” gleefully round up the score section of the soundtrack.

The CD album also includes four very varied non score tracks, ranging from the  Latin flavoured “Borombon” by Camilo Azuquita and the funk filled “Escape” by Roy Ayers. to the soulful “I’m Ready’ by Commodores and the party hit “Pink Gorilla” by HLM.

While this soundtrack isn’t an epic boasting emotionally heavy music, it is what Ant Man is about – compact, effective and fun. 


Recommended Track:
(9) First Mission

Review by John Li


Theme from Ant-Man
Honey, I Shrunk Myself
Escape from Jail
Ant 247
Paraponera Clavata
San Francisco, 1987
I'll Call Him Antony
Tiny Telepathy
First Mission
Signal Decoy
Old Man Have Safe
12 Pym's Lab
13 Antfiltration
14 Your Mom Died a Hero
15 Scott Surfs on Ants
16 The Water Main
17 CrossTech Break-In
18 Into the Hornet's Nest
19 Become the Hero
20 Insecticide
21 A Center for Ants!
22 Cross Gets Cross
23 Fight of the Bumblebee
24 Ants on a Train
25 Small Sacrifice
26 About Damn Time
27 Tales to Astonish!
28 Borombon (Camilo Azuquita)
29 Escape (Roy Ayers)
30 I'm Ready (Commodores)
31 Pink Gorilla (HLM)



Composer: Christophe Beck
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: August 7, 2015